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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER


                                                           HEALING THE SOUL

                                                              AMBER DWYER


                                                                    PSYCHIC MEDIUM

                                                                     ENERGY READER

                                           SUBCONSCIOUS REALIGNMENT PRACTITIONER

                                         FACILITATOR, BEHAVIOURAL COACH AND HEALER   

Please go to my BOOK PAGE where you will find books that I have written and links to     where you can buy my books. Life in its self is a soul journey, ones personal storybook. 

                                                      YOUR VISIT TODAY IS MUCH APPRECIATED 

  Payments and contact

I work from a booking system only, please contact me first for further details in regards to the readings, therapies and the type of healing I do, cost & my availability... 

[email protected]

Therapies & readings, vary in price.

    All monies earned goes to                                  rainbowbird&animalrescue.

                 Thank you.