Psychic medium amber lee

Tarot, runes, psychic mediumship, healing & Spirituality

Psychic medium, Tarot runes, palmistry, mediumship, spirituality.


I didn't learn my gifts or acquire them along the way, I have always been spiritualy psychic,remembering these special abilities even as a small child, having visions and dreams about people animals and our planet. Many members of my family are psychic too. Perhaps psychic abilities run through family bloodlines, even my three children have strong psychic traits, however, like many other psychics our gifts are unique to us and we have our own way of using them. 

Raising my children took much of my time, giving me little or no choice but to put my spiritual skills to rest for a while, giving my family almost all of my time. However, I still found some time to help people when I could, gaining an NVQ in child care so I could foster children.

On my family break, I studied NLP Hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching, and different forms of healing including body massage. I now incorperate these new skills into my spiritual work, with a new understanding that to some clients a reading is also a therapy. I enjoy working with people and feel deeply satisfied when I know that one or all of my gifts have helped or healed another soul.

My spiritual work has lead me to many places, both here in the UK and through out the world, giving readings to many people including the rich and famous. 

On my travels, I have met the most amazing people, including people from different  

religious and spiritual cultures, including Indian, African, Chinese and South America's indigenous people, who have passed on to me their unique knowledge of healing, psychic awareness meditation and spirituality. 

Their teachings of meditation, have enhanced my own knowledge, psychic abilities and spiritual awareness, enabling me to open many more psychic doors thus allowing me to look deeper into the spirit world and other dimensions. 

Throughout my life I have witnessed many psychic and spiritual encounters both personally and with my clients. 

Please note: the spiritual plane is not just occupied by human formed spirits, I have seen many different spirit forms from Animals to alien types that have no doubt come from other planets and star systems, not just from this universe but other universes. Never think we are alone in this universe. The more conscious your mind becomes through chanelling and meditation the more open your third eye becomes and the wider your psychic radios will be.

Meditation does not take hours, it can take from 10 to 20 minutes to reach your goal. 

                                           The awakening has begun....

                Thank you for reading about me, have a blessed day, love Amber xxxxxx


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