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The Gilded Tarot, two of cups

In my past I have worked all over the world with all types of people including the rich and famous, therefore I have a knowledge and understanding of peoples life styles different cultures and religions.

My expertise definitely stands out when I am doing a therapy or reading and this is the reason why I have such an established business and cliental.

I am not a trained psychic, having been born with the gifts to see into the future, connect with spirit and heal. I can work with or without the tarot, having a natural ability to tune into a person's energy and recieve visions from your past present and future, or channel into the spirit world to communicate with your loved ones that have crossed over. However there are some packs of tarot cards that work very nicely with my psychic vision. They are the Angel cards and the Gilded tarot. 

I have over 25 years experience, of helping people to manage their lives and stress levels, and hope to help many more. Discreteness is a key factor in my practise, and any information that I either pick up spiritually or is voluntarily discussed will never be repeated to another party. 

I have many satisfied clients who say their readings with me were spot on and my predictions about their lives were very accurate. These opinions have helped me build up a positive reputation with an enormous world wide following and varied clientele including some very famous people. 

When I had a break to raise my children I was still constantly contacted by clients who when I first came back to work actually rushed to see me again, some had waited many years to book in with me and I am still getting phone calls from people who have said they have been trying to find me for years, one of them being a very famous person who lives in Australia. 

My work is in demand therefore it can sometimes be difficult to book a consultation with me. 

However I thank you for your patience and believe the powers that be will make your reading with me happen when the timing is right.

I am a qualified NLP Hypnotherapist, and registered counsellor

I hold Certificates and Diplomas in NLP hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching, alternative therapies and massage. I am also a master reiki practitioner and spiritual healer. Thank you for visiting my website 

Email: psychicamberlee@gmail.com