Psychic medium amber lee

Tarot, runes, psychic mediumship, healing & Spirituality

Online and private payment services
If you wish to keep your identity private, or if you cannot travel to me then my online services are a good choice. 

                  Therapeutic massage, private bookings only £30

                     Spells cost £50 plus £7 shipping fee.
 You have to preorder spells, I only do spells for luck and positivity, It is not good for your own energy to work with the cosmos negatively  

I am a naturally gifted psychic and renowned to have made some famous predictions that are noted in the media. Please go to my media page to read about these and some of my other predictions and media work. The paper clipping is not very clear but you can look them up at the library. Also, the journalist who interviewed me contacted me many years later to say my predictions about his future life actually happened